Eating For Hormone Health

As a registered Nutritionist, I am required to complete a minimum of 30 hours continued professional development a year. In reality, I do much more than this.

Nutrition science is fast moving! I attend conferences, webinars and read the latest science based literature to stay on top of the research. I also conduct self-experiments to try things out for myself.

In the last year, I have also completed a month-long Practitioner training on everything relating to female hormone balance. From PMS, PCOS and Endometriosis to painful periods and all stages of menopause, we covered it.

The difference with this training, and why it was a month long, was that we were required to follow exact programme, advice and recommendations that we would be recommending to you!

You can find recipes for supporting hormone balance here.

As well as key tips on eating to support hormonal balance and to give you some practical ideas on making small changes which could make a huge difference to your health and how you feel on the blog.

Like most other people I get stuck in a rut of eating the same meals day in day out, and for me that couldn’t be truer for breakfast… I love my morning smoothie but today my day started with scrambled eggs with basil and sautéed kale. I have to admit it was quick and easy and very satisfying and no hunger pangs until lunchtime.

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