My Story 

My own hormonal health journey began more than 25 years ago with endometriosis. Conventional medicine had not helped me and it took many years for me to be formally diagnosed.

I was in my twenties when arguably I should have been in the best health of my life, but my symptoms grew progressively worse. AND they badly affected my life.

Something had to change but it took me years to find that “something”. That “something” turned out to be nutrition.

Working with a nutritionist was a major turning point for me. Within just a few months my health was dramatically changed. For the first time in years, I was able to manage my symptoms. In fact, my experience had such a profound effect on my health, and on my entire life, that re-trained as a nutritionist.


Fast forward to my early fifties and I have also had first-hand experience of the symptoms of peri-menopause.

Whilst in my late forties, I thought that I had been lucky enough to escape the dreaded menopausal symptoms that I had heard so much about. A holiday to Greece changed all that…

During what should have been a relaxing family holiday, in a gorgeous location, I began to experience constant hot flushes and night sweats.

Very quickly the amazing summer break became a holiday to remember for all the wrong reasons…my sleep was disrupted and I felt tired, irritable and anxious. I snapped at my family and my mood was low.

This all took me by complete surprise. I was a nutritionist after all…and I had spent thousands of hours studying science and supporting other women with symptoms just like mine. I returned from my holiday feeling exhausted but also determined to continue to thrive in this new stage of my life.

What I then realised was that I needed to be adapt what I had learnt in my twenties match my body’s changing needs. So, that is what I did and am now back to feeling myself again and I help other women do the same.

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