Metabolic Balance®

A Scientifically Backed Personalised Weight Loss Programme

Metabolic balance® was developed by a doctor, nutrition expert and food scientist more than 40 years ago.

It is the programme responsible for Boy George and Sam Smith’s weight loss.

Although it is so much more than a weight loss programme…

The Metabolic Balance® programme supports healthy insulin and hormone levels. Its aim is to bring your weight and metabolic health back to their natural balance.

Apart from weight loss, the benefits can include more energy, improved sleep, better skin, and managing cravings.

This 4 phase programme uses a simple blood test to help to identify the foods that are right for you.

You get a unique and personalised plan that includes simple and natural food choices that are generally available in major supermarkets.

This is not a faddy diet and there are no shakes or bars to eat.

You do not even have to take any supplements.

Metabolic Balance® has had great reviews from over 500,000 people worldwide, including a number of celebrities who have experienced the results of this life-changing programme.

Metabolic Balance® was also the Winner of The Medical Wellness Award 2009.

How it works

During the initial online consultation, we discuss the programme and take your health details and measurements.

• You will need a blood test at The Doctors’ Laboratory, 55 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YL. An alternative phlebotomy service may be able to be arranged at an additional cost and subject to location and availability.

You will get:

  • A full blood chemistry analysis
  • Your individual Metabolic Balance® food plan
  • 5 further coaching consultations to guide you through every phase of the 3-month programme plus reasonable email support (Mon-Fri).

All consultations take place online, via Zoom or telephone

A 3-month programme including 6 consultations costs £1197

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