Gut Health Package

Gut health is considered the core foundations for good health. The beneficial bacteria that naturally reside in your gut are beneficial to health in many ways including

  • helping to break down food products
  • make vitamins
  • keep potentially harmful bacteria at bay
  • support metabolism

There is a direct link between our guts and the brain and therefore if gut health is compromised this can contribute to mind and mood symptoms including levels of anxiety and depression.

Additionally, you gut is the first line of defence for you immune system. Imbalances here could also contribute to autoimmune diseases including thyroid issues, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis (MS).

This test can also help to detect candida, parasites and pathogenic bacterial infections.

This package includes:

  • a state of the art, comprehensive gut health test
  • 3 online consultations
  • email support
  • Personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

Cost £895