DNA Testing for health, why it might be the best thing you ever do.

What if you could understand why you feel the way you do… AND then be given the tools to change this?

What if you could get to the root cause of health issues?

Functional testing can be so helpful for showing us what is happening in the here and now

BUT what if you have tried SO many things and nothing seems to be really be working…

DNA testing is the ultimate in personalised health testing and could make a very real difference to YOUR health

It uses you unique genetic ‘blueprint’ to identify small but important differences in your genetic make-up (‘SNPs’) that can have significant impacts on our life and health – from hormones to heart, metabolism to mental health, and much more

 ‘enables us to look in detail at our DNA, so we can understand our unique personal health ‘blueprint’. Small but important differences in our genetic make-up (‘SNPs’) can have significant impacts on our life and health – from hormones to heart, metabolism to mental health, and much more’ Lifecode GX

In my experience, DNA testing helps bring everything else together and had a huge impact on my health and wellbeing

The Female Health DNA Testing Package – £695

This package includes a DNA test kit, 3 reports and a 75-minute consultation to explain your results and make diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

The 3 reports

  • Nutrient Core – this report allows us to personalise your requirements for processing of nutrients – vitamins, fats and sugars as well as your response to gluten, dairy, caffeine and the genes that control blood sugar and appetite and therefore weight management
  • Hormones Report – Symptoms of hormone imbalance in women can include: infertility, low libido and sex drive, acne, excess facial hair, PCOS, blood clots, mood swings, depression, substance misuse, poor memory, weight gain, menopausal symptoms, and hormone sensitive cancers, such as breast cancer.
  • Methylation report – Imbalances in methylation – too little or too much – can increase susceptibility to chronic health conditions such as heart disease, circulatory problems, chronic fatigue, infertility, immune and autoimmune conditions, food and chemical sensitivities, and mood and psychiatric disorders, as well as cancer and premature ageing and hormone imbalances



Prices are based are available to clients in the UK. For client based in the EU an additional £25 postage will apply. For rest of the world please email gail@gailbradynutrition.com for further information.