Hair loss in Perimenopause

Hair loss can be distressing, scary and could be affecting your self-esteem …

Here are 5 reasons this may be happening to you

1. You are not consuming enough protein – low protein levels can shut down hair growth
2. Your iron levels are low – This is a very common in perimenopause especially if you are experiencing heavy periods. Get your iron levels checked including ferritin which is a measurement of your stored iron .
3. Your thyroid gland is not functioning optimally (under active) – In addition to hair loss, if your hair has become coarse, dry and tangly, an imbalance in your thyroid hormones could be to blame. Hair loss should stabilise once hormone levels are balanced. Testing is recommended.
4. Are you experiencing high levels of stress? – This could be from either physical or emotional stress, over exercising, surgery, trauma or a stressful job. If so, your hair growth cycle could get stuck in a shedding phase. It can take 3-6 months get back to normal hair growth after a period of stress has subsided. Consider habits that may help you to manage stress more effectively such as exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and breath work.
5. Perimenopause and Menopause itself – Unfortunately, the changes in hormones that occur during perimenopause can make your hair shed more and become finer. Making sure that you have all the nutrients to support healthy hair growth becomes even more important.
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