Keep it moving

Keep it moving

I am not talking about exercise here, although that can help…

I am talking about gut health and keeping your bowels moving

Not the most glamorous of topics but a vital component of good health, including your hormone health

If you are not opening your bowels at least once a day (1-3 times per day is the ideal) you are likely to be suffering from constipation

Apart from feeling sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable, constipation can contribute to many health issues including hormone imbalances.

It can also be an indication that there are issues with your diet and your digestive/gut health

Constipation can lead to these 3 common gut issues

  1. Poor digestion = potential nutrient deficiencies that can affect the activation and the production of hormones
  2. An imbalance in gut bacteria – can affect the excretion of old hormones and result in imbalances
  3. Inflammation to the gut – this can affect almost every system in your body, including your hormones. It can lead to bloating, flatulence, food sensitivities, pain and contribute to an increased risk of autoimmune conditions

If you suffer regularly from constipation (and many midlife women do), a gut health test can help to identify where you may need support

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