Dinner for Breakfast

For the past 3 years now, I have run a personal challenge to shake up my breakfast routine and introduce more variety into my first meal of the day.

I think that many of us can get stuck in a rut with our meals, but especially breakfast…

It is so easy to have the same old thing day in and day out. For me, this is a smoothie as I feel that can get so much nourishment in one meal.

But the thing is I also know that a balanced meal of non-processed foods can not only increase my nutrient intake but also increase my energy, my mental clarity, my mood, my sleep and more

And so, 3 years ago my dinner for breakfast challenge was born. You can follow my latest challenge here 

For 10-14 days I eat leftovers from last night’s dinner for breakfast.

Why a Dinner for Breakfast challenge? 

Dinners are typically savoury and often contain a balance of protein, fats and fibre.

This combination of macronutrients can help to keep your blood sugar (glucose) balance stable and avoid the energy dips that many typical breakfast foods such as cereals, toast and pastries could cause.

The result can be improved energy and focus throughout the day

I believe that this is could the key to many of the health issues and symptoms that midlife women face

I have recently launched an ebook with tons of further tips and advice for elevating your energy and boosting your brainpower. You can buy it here

Here are just some of the benefits that I have experienced from eating this way:

  • Sustained energy throughout the day – no afternoon energy slump and therefore increased productivity
  • Clearer thinking – my focus and concentration are good
  • Improved moods – I generally feel brighter and more content
  • Weight management – I generally lose a couple of pounds or so and I have fewer food cravings, even for chocolate!
  • Better sleep quality – I have the same amount of hours of sleep but my sleep feels deeper and therefore more restorative.

If you experience hot flushes and night sweats, eating in this way could help to manage these symptoms too

One of the best things is that you do not need to even think about what is for breakfast as it is already done for you 🙂

This has been so simple, so easy and so effective for me, I invite you to give it a go for 10 days and see how you feel

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