‘Empty The Fridge’ Soup


In the Winter, most Sundays I will make a soup out of all the veggies that need using up

The ones that are slightly wilting and have seen better days

This is a great way of reducing food waste as well as getting extra plant-based foods in your diet

This one includes; Brussels sprouts, broccoli stalks, leeks, parsnips, red cabbage (the reason for its colour) rosemary, thyme and oregano

I also add some home-made or shop bought chicken bone broth and top it up wth water and a veggies stock cube

Dr Tim Spector, a professor at Kings College, London specialising in gut health and nutrition for supporting health, suggests that we should be aiming to eat 30 different plant-based foods a week

This may sound like a lot but this includes; vegetables, fruits, beans and pulses, herbs, nuts and seeds and whole grains

When broken down, that’s only 4/5 different plant-based foods a day

This soup must count as 3… plus the seeds and tahini on top…It’s not as hard as you may think

This usually makes enough for 3-midweek lunches and I add a side of protein to make too to make it a nutritious meal; such as smoked mackerel, chicken or tofu