How To Use What 2020 Taught You To Thrive in 2021

Happy New Year to you and your families!
Like many people I was glad to see the back of 2020! Many of you may feel the same…
2020 was a challenging year in so many ways for almost everyone I know. Myself and my family included.
And I hope that 2021 is going to be kinder to us all
However, any ongoing issues that we faced in 2020 are unlikely to have magically disappeared at the stroke of midnight on 31st December…
This is not said to be negative or pessimistic, but to recognise what you may have learnt about yourself in the past year. And to take that and use it to make 2021 a better one.
The pandemic forced most of us to slow down. It may also have made you realise what you appreciate in your life, what makes you happy and what you value.
It’s New Year’s Day and there are so many messages flying around on social media, to make new year’s resolutions, to lose weight, to get fit, to live your best life etc…
You may well be someone who gets things done by having resolutions and goals (I am know I one of them…), But how and what will you change to make sure that you meet your goals and dreams?
If health and fitness are on your list, here is one way I find that works well for my clients. It’s a longer-term approach to reaching goals but can ultimately produce more lasting results and habits.

If you are planning on losing weight, here are 5 ways we might approach this:

1. By eating real foods and by focusing on the quality of that food
2. Looking at the proportions of food on your plate. Working towards, half the plate being non starchy vegetables, one quarter a good quality protein source, and the remainder complex carbohydrates or starchy vegetables and healthy fats
3. By building muscle and decreasing body fat percentage rather than weight itself. This may include strength training and HIIT type workouts or whatever form of exercise may be best for you
4. By finding ways to manage stress and build stress resilience i.e. Writing a gratitude journal, meditation, yoga, a relaxing evening bath, a walking in nature
5. And by focusing on sleep quality and ways to improve your sleep (see previous post on this topic)
The New Year may not mean that everything will suddenly change, but it can be an ideal time for us to decide how we can 🙂
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