Let’s Talk About Alcohol…

Here are 10 reasons to re-think your alcohol consumption in your 40s and 50s (and beyond)

1. Alcohol increases hot flushes and night sweats

2. Alcohol can increase your resting heart rate and cause heart palpitations

3. Alcohol can increase oestrogen and decrease progesterone – hello increased hormone imbalances

4. Alcohol messes with the metabolism of oestrogen and can increase your risk of breast cancer (more than HRT)

5. To your body alcohol = sugar

6. Alcohol can block fat burning

7. Women cannot tolerate alcohol as well as men, especially in midlife when the liver may need some extra support

8. Alcohol is a toxin that can accelerate ageing

9. Alcohol can cause overeating

10. There are no safe levels for drinking alcohol and many potential health risks to drinking in excess…

How much is too much?

14 units are the recommended maximum alcohol consumption per week in the UK
That’s 6 medium glasses (175ml) of wine or 6 pints of beer – per week!
Not what some of you may want to hear, but I would like for you to be able to make informed choices, so sorry, not sorry…