3 Types of foods that could be harming your health

3 types of foods that could be harming your health

Are you trying to make healthier food choices but feel overwhelmed by all the options available?

You may be looking at the supermarket shelves full of low fat, low calorie, low sugar, high fibre, high protein etc food choices, and wondering just what to choose…

It’s a minefield, isn’t it?!

Ultimately, we are all different and your nutritional needs will vary depending on a number of factors. These include your genetic make-up and levels of activity. As well as your health goals i.e lose weight, build muscle, fuel-intensive activity etc

BUT there are some foods that could be detrimental to your health and others that could be beneficial

3 types of foods that could be detrimental to your health:

  1. Highly Processed foods – if there is a long list of ingredients that you don’t recognise, chances are this is not healthy food choice
  2. Sugary foods and drinks, including alcohol! – Sugar or foods that are quickly converted to sugar like alcohol, pastries, cakes, biscuits can be disruptive to your health and hormones and can increase inflammation in the body, leading to increased symptoms and health issues.
  3. Vegetable oils and spreads – such as sunflower oil and rapeseed oils. ‘Most people eat high amounts of refined vegetable oils in their diet through the consumption of processed foods. These oils have high amounts of omega-6 fats and too little omega-3 fats. When the omega-6 fat level in the diet is too high compared with the omega-3 level, enzymes involved in inflammation can be activated’ (Source IFM)

The foods that are included in my free meal plan and menu planner are the types of foods that I recommend to include in your shopping trolley. These foods can be supportive of your health and help you to improve your energy levels throughout the day.

These are foods that can give you the most nutritional value and support for your hormones and your overall health in your 40s and beyond.

Why does it matter? Because once your reach your 40s your hormones and your metabolism will be changing.

You may not feel it yet, but these changes will be happening…

This is also a window of opportunity to support your journey through menopause and to protect your long term health.

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