You CAN feel like your best self again.

You’re in the right place AND I’m glad that you found me!

I’ve worked with many women who have felt that their hormonal symptoms are controlling their lives, maybe you feel like this right now.

My clients are often busy women whose hormonal  symptoms are affecting their quality of life; and often their work and their relationships too.

Women who typically experience;

  • Fatigue – affecting their productivity, motivation, business success, relationships and zest for life 
  • Lack of focus & concentration – the pressure of not getting things done and a decline in productivity. The frustration and anxiety of a long to-do list…
  • Decreased confidence – constantly forgetting things, and sometimes unable to find the right words combined with hot flushes, poor focus, perhaps making mistakes, and feeling unmotivated
  • Overwhelm – confused by all the information out there and not knowing how to even get started or what could work for them

I help women who are struggling with their health and hormones to feel their best again

My 1:1 personalised programmes will help you step by step to optimise your health and your hormones.

They are designed to support you with proven evidence-based nutritional protocols so that you can manage your symptoms and improve your health & wellbeing without the overwhelm


  • Trying every supplement or diet plan you hear about/read about
  • Cutting the overwhelm with where to start and what may be right for you
  • No more trial and error but a clear path to follow
  • Increased confidence that you are in control of your health, and your life again

I could help you to manage YOUR symptoms so that you can live a life you love again.

Are you ready?

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How would it feel…

To no longer worry about PMS and heavy, painful periods

To have more energy.

To get a good night’s sleep

To have mental clarity

To manage your weight

To feel less anxious about the future

To feel good about yourself again

To feel in control of your health